This page is for new or potential residents to find out information on moving in and early items.  To get ALL of the redent information, sign-up for an account to access all details about living at the Temple Lofts – just email info@longbeachtemplelofts.com.

FAQs, Rules, and Forms

  • Electricity: Edison (https://www.sce.com/)
  • Gas: Long Beach (https://utilitywebservices.longbeach.gov/)
  • Garbage: Provided by Temple Lofts
  • Water: Provided by Temple Lofts
  • Internet: Spectrum, Charter, Verizon, Others may be applicable but these are the main suppliers
    • Main Building: Verizon/Frontier (Telecom cabinet on each floor) + Telecom room in garage
    • Main Building: Spectrum (Telecom cabinet on floors 2/5)
    • Towers: Internet room in tower garages

Additional Contacts

  • Locksmith:
    • West Coast Locksmith: 323-897-8756
    • Hills Bros: (714) 636‐5652
  • Plumber:
    • Gorsuch:  (562) 986-4700
    • GM Plumbing: (562) 417-3215
    • Radisic: (310) 326-5800, Emergency: 310‐864‐9442
  • Electrician:
    • Croff Electric: 310-406-6909
  • Pests:
    • Orkin: (866) 580-1817
  • Epoxy Floor
    • Custom Performance Concrete Coating and Polishing:
      • (used successfully in the past): https://maps.app.goo.gl/TCiaAxmG1DTD64gm8?g_st=ig

Please review the Rules and Regulations and Official Documentation for full details.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

  • Per section 2.1.15 of the Rules and Regulations, construction, maintenance, upkeep or repair hours are 8am-5pm Monday through Saturday. Not including Sundays or Holidays.
  • Any work requiring a permit or contractor must be communicated to the On-Site Manager and include proper submission to the Architecture Committee with the attached PDF.  Fully complete the document as it requires neighbor notification.
  • Any contractor must be permitted and insurance and submit proof to the On-Site Manager at least 48hours prior to work being done for validation.
  • No construction trash is to be deposited in building trash bins
  • Given the building construction rules, NO WOOD IN THE WALLS – All Studs are to be metal.


Architecture Signature Packet

Architecture Signatures Packet

Please review the Rules and Regulations and Official Documentation for full details.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

Keys, Fobs, and Tags each resident should receive from the sellers during escrow include the following.  Additional or replacement keys are available for purchase, where common keys may be expensive to replace due to security issues and redistributing keys to all residents:

Regarding the usage of Keys vs. Keyfobs:

Keys are only to be used second to Keyfobs and should only be used in the event of an emergency when power is not available to Keyfobs. Keyfobs are being actively maintained whereas keys have a tendency to degrade and get stuck occasionally. Although we are monitoring and maintaining the keys, they are much more costly and difficult to get and keep working perfectly for so many residents. We do not find it a problem if certain key entries do not work at times, as long as we have emergency pathways working properly – even if they occasionally require a jiggle”

Keys and Keyfobs:

Item Qty. Cost Image
Vehicle Tags: Garage Tags

Note: “Static Cling Clear Window Sheet” can be used to turn this into a very subtle, temporary tag stuck to your windshield.

Deeded Spots, missing or > will be disabled $30
Vehicle Tags: Guest Parking Hang Tags 1x Per Unit, missing or > will be disabled $30
Cell Phone – Bluetooth Elective $20/yr – Send the on-site manager (manager@templelofts.net) your email you’d like to receive the invite to and your unit number. NOTE: You must have the unit owner send this note, not a renter, as we charge the owner.
Keyfobs: for building access 2x, missing or >2 keyfobs will be disabled $30
Keys: Unit Key Number of copies is up to the owner $50 – key + cutting

  • You’re allowed to rekey your doors, however we might have to help you remove the ‘core’ with our ‘core key’.
  • It is suggested to request a re-key through the On-Site Manager so your lock stays on the master key.  Or, at least provide your new key to the On-Site Manager to put in the safe.

NOTE: If you don’t have any keys, you’ll need to hire a locksmith to change out the core and make you one.  They should be hired by the resident but will need a Temple-specific key core or provide the On-Site Manager with a copy.

Keys: Storage Key 2x Very expensive to replace due to building security implications
Keys: Building Common Area / Building Exterior Door Key (Front/Back/Side/Mail) (May be marked ‘CA’) 2x Very expensive to replace due to building security implications
Key: Mail Key N/A Given that this is not the property of Temple Lofts, you’ll have to coordinate with a Locksmith to rekey your mailbox or duplicate keys.
Key: Bike Parking Key N/A $100 per key (replacement is $50), permanent

  • Fee provides 1 key for 1 space due to the limited available spaces
  • If there’s an open space, we can assign it.
  • If there is an open space that’s assigned to someone else, we’ll monitor it and re-assign it after 60 days of non-usage.
Key: Delivery Door (May be marked ‘D’) Unused Unused

IMPORANT NOTE: Losing any building key could result in the rekeying of ALL community keys due to a lack of safety and the responsibility would lay with the owner who loses that key. This expense can be extremely significant.

Custom Door Locks, Doorbells, and Peepholes

Door Locks

If you’d like an Electronic Doorlock, the architecture Council has allowed the Contemporary Design in Satin/Bright Chrome or Satin Nickel of the Schlage-Connect series.  Please see the link before for further information.

NOTE: If you’d like a different one, requests must be submitted through the Architecture Council process.

Have you ever thought of making your unit more secure? Maybe thought of adding a keyless entry to you unit? Well, now you can. The Board of Directors has approved the following keyless entry that you can purchase and install on your unit door:

Schlage Connect Century Satin Chrome Touch screen Dead bolt with Alarm

Model # 203814069

Must be in Satin Chrome.

Only order the Century design.

One of your Bard members recently had this system installed at her unit and she absolutely loves it. Once she purchased the unit, she contacted Broadway Lock and Key, ask for Raul, to have the system installed. The cost for the installation was minimal ($125.00 for one door and $200.00 for two door – PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE) and well worth the money spent. Now, you can order the system from wherever you like but it must be the same brand, model number, and color. The Board member who had them installed purchased the system from Home Depot. Below is a link to a web site that sells the locks. If you wish to purchase them from Home Depot, simply type the model number into the search bar on the Home Depot web page and the lock system will be shown. In addition to the lock being electronic, it is a Schlage so the core of the key that is currently in your lock can be transferred.


Door Locks (Option 2: Level Lock)

A secondary option for electronic door locks are provided below.



If you’d like an Electronic Doorbell/Peephole, the architecture Council has allowed specific Ring product versions in Satin Nickel.  Please see the link before for further information.

Ring has both doorbell and peephole designs.  The following three options are available based on resident preferences, but keeping the color consistent – the “satin nickel” is the only color presently acceptable:

If you’re interested in installing an EV charging station at your parking spot, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow to complete the process:

  1. Get permission from the arch committee – which currently means, submitting the request, pictures of installation location, and drawing to our Off-Site Management for board approval and the initial go-ahead.
  2. Get a quote from a building-allowed electrician – you can use a different one but have to get them approved, validated, and license checked-out.
    1. Previous installations have leveraged “Trinetwork” at 323-315-0307, office@trinetwork.net, www.trinetwork.net, 12541 San Mina Ct, Chino, CA 91710
    2. An old quote appeared as follows (approximately $6500):
      1. Installing 125AMP Subpanel in electrical room to feed EV charger and house panel
      2. Installing Nema 14-50 outlet for EV charging station on customer parking spot (Materials and labor) Using #4 wire due to voltage droop
      4. One year warranty will be provided for labor and materials provided by TriNetwork, Inc.
  3. NOTE: Edison used to add a new service panel for each electric charging spot within the Temple parking structure, but they have discontinued that practice.  The last successful installation branched off a 40A line from unit power.
    1. Validate that you can spare that amount of current from your unit’s electricity.
    2. You should communicate your installation with Edison and can potentially sign-up for a different rate schedule that allows you to charge at night for a lower cost – Currently ~$0.13kw.
  4. You will need a permit (as the invoice shows) submitted to the building for final approvals and sign-off of the job

Please visit the “Construction Rules and Contacts” tab to download the “Architecture Signature Packet” to submit to the Architecture committee.

Please review the Rules and Regulations and Official Documentation for full details.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

Everything within the units are the responsibility of the residents.  There are certain exceptions, please see the below:

Note: Issues with the installation of these items would come under the scope of unit responsibility as the individual owners are responsible for those items which would mean that their installation was done by the unit owner or vendor as well.

Item Description
Doorbells Outward facing lit doorbell button can be provided by the association but MUST match exactly.

The doorbell circuitry, transformer, and chime must be handled by the resident as it’s internal to the unit.

Front Door Front Door is the responsibility of the building, the external paint color is building responsibility and choice
Smoke Detectors Unfortunately, it is not well known that there are 2 types of smoke detectors in the units – 1 is the building detector and the rest, the majority, are personal smoke alarms.


The typical smoke detectors in the unit are BRK devices.  Personal smoke detectors go bad at about the 8-10 year mark at which time you’ll need to replace all the units or just the bad unit with the same technology and brand to make sure the communication protocol used still works.

It is good practice to replace all units when one goes bad, as they’ll all soon follow.

To be clear, “Personal smoke detectors” within residence are the responsibility of the resident to maintain and replace.


There is also a single building-connected smoke detector in unit, with accompanying notifier, and sounder (pictured below).  That device is connected to the building and must be replaced with the correct unit in order for the central building sounder not to trip (and everyone in the building to be upset).

Current law requires a CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector which is not present in the legacy system – so if you do any work in unit and need an inspection, you’ll have to upgrade anyhow.

Fire Sprinklers Building responsibility
Patio Door Patio Door is resident responsibility, but must match the current aesthetic (needs arch committee approval)
Windows External-facing windows are the responsibility of the homeowners but must match (needs arch committee approval)
Patio Lighting Patio Lighting: Responsibility of the building, contact the property manager for a free replacement and appropriate tools
A/C Responsibility of the resident, location mounted is in either the garages or roofs depending on your floor:

  • Main Building
    • Floors 1-3 underneath main building in garage
    • Floors 4-6 on roof
  • Towers:
    • Floors 2-3 in respective garage underneath tower
      • North Tower: Guest Parking or Main Parking under North tower
      • South Tower: South Parking or Main Parking under South tower
    • Floors 4-5 on respective roof
Plumbing In an effort to make sure the building is only paying for building-related issues rather than issues that residents may have, residents themselves must be the first line of defense for plumbing issues.  If you are having plumbing issues, please follow the below:

  1. Resident needs to attempt to solve the problem with their own plumber (use building plumber on Utility tab for reimbursement)
  2. If it’s a building issue, the building will then call their plumber (use building plumber on Utility tab for reimbursement)
  3. If the resident uses the building plumber (use building plumber on Utility tab for reimbursement) and the issue turns out to be the building’s issue, the building will cover the whole cost.

If it’s not the building’s plumber, then we wouldn’t be able to reimburse for #1 as we wouldn’t be able to control cost and thus be fair to the entire community.


Please review section 4.2 of the Rules and Regulations for full details and restrictions.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

  • All fees will be assessed within Escrow – $250 move-in fee, $250 refundable move-out fee.
  • Schedule elevator per “Elevator Reservations”
  • Move-in/outs restricted to 8am-8pm Monday through Saturday, aside from Federal holidays.
  • No movement across the lobby, significant fines may be levied if not followed especially with obvious damage
  • No propping open of perimeter doors, fines may be levied if not followed
  • If using the alley, leverage the North Door
    • This door does not block our neighbor’s garage or other access points
    • Keeps maintenance costs down by limiting damage to that door and route

Realtor Keys and Supra Boxes:

Due to security incidents regarding Realtor keys stored outside the building, we can no longer allow publicly available Realtor Keys on the premises so we have provided options.  The following procedure is available:

  • We have installed a steel pipe in the lobby area to attach your Supra boxes to.  It is in the mail storage room to the right of the elevator.
  • Contact our On-Site Manager for the following:
    • Adding your name to the Call Box at the front door so potential buyers can contact you to be let in.  You’ll be assigned a 4-digit code that can be used (#XXXX), when someone types that in your phone will ring, dial 9 to buzz them in.
    • You’ll then be given a code to this storage room containing the Supra boxes

Unfortunately, if these rules aren’t followed, we will be forced to remove any unallowed keys or other items in common areas

Submission Form:

Move-in/Move-out Appointments

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

Please review the Rules and Regulations and Official Documentation for full details.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

Use the Resident Center “Contact Forms” to communicate your request for the Elevator.

  • 48 hours advanced notice prior to reservation must be given
  • Only one resident may reserve the elevator in a given day, so reserve early
  • All moving and large deliveries must reserve the elevator and use padding
  • Any damage to the elevators may be assessed to owners

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

Please review the Rules and Regulations and Official Documentation for full details.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

Security is paramount to our community. You must make sure that all doors (garage or pedestrian) are closed that you have opened, and you must not allow others to enter the premesis through doors you have opened. Failure to validate the doors have closed.

There are still issues with people entering our property uninvited. Please review these reminders to prevent danger/theft/damage to our property and to your neighbor.

  1. The garage doors are only for vehicles to enter or exit. If exiting on foot, do not exit through the garage doors. Use the pedestrian doors that lead to the outside of the building.
  2. Any vehicle that is entering or exiting the premises from ANY of the garages (including guests) are to wait until the garage door shuts behind them.
  3. The same applies for any doorway. We cannot prop our building-entrance-doors open for anyone. This includes food delivery drivers, package delivery services, friends of residents without the resident present, etc.

All of these individuals can contact the appropriate resident for that specific service and get buzzed in. If a non-resident enters the building through a door that you propped open or didn’t shut behind you, you assume all responsibility if there are any damages, packages stolen, etc.

We hope that residents take this seriously and understand that this requires some community effort. This is our home. Let’s make it a safe environment for everyone.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

  • No movement across the lobby, significant fines may be levied if not followed especially with obvious damage
  • Nothing can be drug across the lobby (marble) either, like a dolly or cart, all delivery services are to use the back door.

Here is the current status concerning mail –

  • USPS is the only carrier to use the downstairs mail area
  • All other delivery services (Amazon, Fedex, UPS) are to deliver directly to the unit

If you find any mail missing, follow-up with the delivery service.  The services are never supposed to leave packages outside the building or at the USPS mailbox area downstairs (that area is for USPS only who uses the lock boxes, never just leaves them on the ground).

We periodically communicate with all delivery services, who validate leaving them outside or at the USPS boxes are not the delivery point, and therefore are still the responsibility of the delivery service.

Given that leaving the packages downstairs or outside is technically not delivering it to your unit or outside your door, they are responsible.

Please let us know if you can come up with helpful tidbits to add to this policy and FAQ –

Please review the Rules and Regulations and Official Documentation for full details.

Not following building rules may result in fines.

  • Trash:
    • It is against the rules to leave trash anywhere on the premises, including outside/adjacent to trash bins or trash chutes – ANYWHERE!
    • Any large items must be disposed of by resident by contacting an off-site trash contractor or be taken to the dump, NEVER can it be stored on premises
  • Trash Chutes:
    • Do not throw boxes down trash chutes – it will either get stuck or damage the trash compactor
  • Trash Bins:
    • Pickup is M/W/F – if it’s full, wait a day to dispose of your trash…
    • There is one Recycle and one Trash bin in the main garage
    • Recycle items must be deposited in Recycle bins
    • No construction trash is to be deposited in building trash bins
    • All boxes MUST be broken down
    • Do not overfill any of the bins
    • Do not leave trash beside the bins