Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes

(7 March 2023)

Call to order: 07:00 am/pm 

In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – Susan Carroll
  • ⬛ (President) –  Chris Higgins
  • ⬛ (Secretary) – Kevin Long
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson


Board and On-Site Manager Updates 

  • NOTE: Call-in numbers, Use *6 to unmute yourself
  • Security Review
    • Intruders: Status update – Most recent incident, Garage doors
    • Bike storage: Elimination – Group Decision!!! Let’s vote via email survey. – (Remove completely, Add rental spaces)
  • Solidify 2023 Goals
    • Spa: Removal, Placeholder (“Spa Under Construction!”), Savings (Understanding timeframe, minimum reserve number in order to execute the large purchase, target $400k in order to spend $300k/30%), and Execution Plan
    • Common area furniture: Throw away ratty furniture, work on transition plan using the current design we have
    • Security:
      • Incidents
      • Keyfobs: Update to full Bluetooth on remaining 14 keyfobs, roll out app, residents pay $20/year for access
      • Keyfobs timing: Currently 10pm-8am
      • Garage Doors: add metal grate to 6 doors
      • NVR: Researching event driven NVR, determining if it’s cost effective
    • Ejector Pump: Deal with smell (ventilation, registers, additional steps), wall-off pump
    • Water Shutoff Plan Review: R&R updates to clarify our 1/quarter and what constitutes an emergency
  • Status Updates:
    • Landscaping:
      • Palm tree and Vine removal
      • Resident responsibilities in the planter boxes
      • Front of the building small refresh and test
    • Roof Sealing – Rained out, rescheduling!
    • Roof-mounted HVAC units – DONE!
  • On-Site Rentals:
    • Vehicle: 3 spots: 3 taken, 0 available
    • Bike Racks: <tbd> due to security issues
    • Storage: 2nd (taken), 3rd (taken), 4th (taken), 5th (open), 6th (taken)

Recurring Status:

  • Current Violation Focus:
    • Trash, Animals, Vehicle Gates + Pedestrian Access (Security issues), Harassment, Anything in parking but empty wagon/cart or explicitly allowed items
    • Subsequent fines for the same issue have higher amounts and escalate (1st is $100, 2nd is $200, etc)
  • New Owners/Residents Page: Planned website update per new resident miscommunications
    • Noticed in the rules and regulations.
      • Even if not structural or in need of permit, if it’s work in the unit that causes noise and could be a nuisance, the architectural form is needed. Again, due to the noise and should be communicated.
      • Shon suggested that special instructions should come from the request of escrow to property management when they must provide financial statements. He said property management should provide special instructions at that time which would help cover us as well.
      • The packet of special instructions to schedule, would include:
        • Request to make communication with property manager. Get updated information and send to myself.
        • Schedule a walk around of the community and information to be imputed in the call box.
        • Schedule Move in.
        • How to get work done, how to get Cable or who to call, again the architectural form.
        • Where to go for additional resources like Website.
        • Hyperlink to the City of Long Beach for utilities and ordinances.
  • 2023 Accomplishments:
    • New On-Site Manager: Susan!!!
    • Ejector Pump: Gameplan constructed with Pumpman, Ventilation louvers installed, sensors purchased
    • Keyfobs: Keyfobbed all doors facing sensitive areas
    • NOTES: 
      • Late Payments: Just talk with us, otherwise without response it has to be legal, official, and expensive 
      • Rules and Fines: Noted within official docs, Website, Newsletter, Minutes, Emails… 
      • Current fine focus: Trash/Animals, Security (vehicle gate, don’t let people into the building you don’t know) 
      • Permits: If you are having work done, you have to abide by all required permits –  
        • If the management finds out a permit wasn’t achieved and was required, we’ll have to come back and require it or the work will have to be reversed at the owner’s expense… same as if the city inspects. 
      • Communications: Online communications flow 
    • Mills Act: Low priority – Leveraging Garry’s contact, working with City, website being updated with Temple, 1 multi-unit building is allowed into the program per year 
    • Garage/Storage water Leaks 
    • NPNA (North Pine Neighborhood Alliance): Tracking the 810 Pine adjacent building proposal. 


Open Forum 


  • We’re working on addressing the biggest issues first, everything else is prioritized in our backlog 
  • Feel free to ask about or challenge prioritization, doing the research yourself will help get it done faster 
  • Think about “What’s your goal?”, “Is this something that can be fixed?”, “Is this specific to my unit or the community”


  • Ivon (215): Spa: Clean up that area, remove the deck, not have anything in there, short-term fix
  • Keith: Security issues, idea. Neighborhood watch.
    • NVR might be able to allow ease of sharing
    • Temporary timeframe
    • Sit in the office to watch cameras?
  • Robert: Quarterly water shutoff – is that acceptable?
    • Why is having a quarterly shutoff acceptable because it impacts individuals living in the space.
    • No current ability to wash clothes because there is an off cycle shutdown
    • Local laundromats are not great, security issues, not the cleanest
    • UPDATE:
      • What is the current policy: shutoffs, quarterly shutoffs, add your own shutoff valves
      • Could we put money towards the ability to shutoff – add isolation valves?
      • Isolation valves: discussion on Plumbers, costs, etc
      • Cost and process for isolation valves
      • Shutoff valves – install ahead of time
      • Difference between board whims vs. Policy
      • QUESTION: Should we move forward with replacing the isolation valves?
    • Pete: Typical people stealing from us, how do they get in?
      • Camera with motion detection and whatnot for identification?
      • Putting a proposal together
    • Mark:
      • Next/Ring cameras work pretty well, issue would be the motion alert in order to support that
      • <Landscaping trial> noted for the future that we’re re-evaluating the situation and planning for the
    • David S:
      • Can we come up with a way to keep animals from relieving themselves right in front of the building
      • Rocks and/or epoxy to replace and keep animals off that area