Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes

(21 July 2022)

Call to order: 07:00 am/pm 

In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – Daniel Delgado
  • ⬛ (President) –  Chris Higgins
  • ⬛ (Secretary) – Kevin Long
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson



Board and On-Site Manager Updates 

  • Insurance:
    • Insurance costs increased from $30k (Farmers) to $100k (secondary market)
    • Talked to: 7 different insurers, 3 downtown historic buildings, waiting on State Farm (hopeful)
    • Currently:
      • Waiting for State Farm quote
      • Attempting to get lesser coverage, split it up between buildings (not allowed so far)
  • New CC&Rs:
    • Garage rules enforcement – Discuss short list of OK’d items (Only Carts, nothing else – no surfboards, dead cars, etc., any exceptions are case by case)
  • Front Door Painting & Corner Guard on first floor – COMPLETE
  • Rentals:
    • Vehicle: 3 spots: 3 taken, 0 available
    • Bike Racks: <tbd>, 1 available (hanging space)
    • Storage: 2nd (taken), 3rd (open), 4th (open), 5th (open), 6th (open)


Current Status:

  • Emergency SMS Line: Resident page on the website
  • Water bill issue:
    • Roseman (Legal) asked questions, we answered, waiting on their response
    • Next step: Letter to city, file w/ board of public utilities
  • Voting: Voting meeting is on 8/23/22
  • Filming: Working on income from filming
  • Water Shutoffs:
    • As per website – 1/quarter unless an actual emergency. Inconvenient for everyone.
    • 8/1 shutoff for Q3
  • Current Violation Focus:
    • Trash, Animals (“inside the keyfobs” – Current demarc outside the outer gates and the area just outside it), Vehicle Gates + Pedestrian Access (Security issues), any Harassment, Anything in parking but empty wagon/cart
    • Subsequent fines for the same issue have higher amounts and escalate (1st is $100, 2nd is $200, etc)
  • New Owners/Residents Page: Planned website update per new resident miscommunications
    • Noticed in the rules and regulations.
      • Even if not structural or in need of permit, if it’s work in the unit that causes noise and could be a nuisance, the architectural form is needed. Again, due to the noise and should be communicated.
      • Shon suggested that special instructions should come from the request of escrow to property management when they must provide financial statements. He said property management should provide special instructions at that time which would help cover us as well.
      • The packet of special instructions to schedule, would include:
        • Request to make communication with property manager. Get updated information and send to myself.
        • Schedule a walk around of the community and information to be imputed in the call box.
        • Schedule Move in.
        • How to get work done, how to get Cable or who to call, again the architectural form.
        • Where to go for additional resources like Website.
        • Hyperlink to the City of Long Beach for utilities and ordinances.
  • Phone Lines: Emergency Line and Fire Response Service – resident activity, paid per call, sign-ups!
    • Emergency Line:
      • Process: Volunteers for a service line (4-5 people), person that answers/covers the issue receives $50 per occurrence, and can escalate to our vendors and board if necessary.
      • Response: Explain process to caller, provide vendor contact info, send a note to Management and Board
    • Fire Response Service:
      • Process: Volunteers for a service line (4-5 people), person that answers/covers the issue receives $50 per occurrence, and can escalate to board if necessary.
      • Response: Turn off the alarm, check unit noted on alarm, call fire notifier service to cancel call, send a note to Management and Board.


  • 2022 Goals: Fire Fixes, Spa Progress (quotes for concrete removal), Outdoor Furniture 
  • 2022 Ongoing: 
    • Spa Project – DEEP DIVE  
      • Timeframe: Earliest Q3-4 2022, Latest Q1-2 2023 
      • Quoting, focusing on above-ground stand-alone systems, attempting to understand requirements 
      • Remove old deck, Cement area, level Spa pad 
        • $33k: Parker (boiler guy) 
        • Working Secondary quotes 
      • Above-ground spa – reasonable quotes so far: 
        • $82k: $61k Stainless Steel spa, $10k drawings, $4k shipping, $7k taxes ($65k if our own equipment) 
        • $42k: $25.5k Shell spa, $5k aquatics plan, $2.5k shipping, $8.5k equipment 
      • Additional Requirements: stairs, outer-frame, ADA compliant mobile lift,  
      • Current thoughts: 
        • Back and forth on: “Do it!” vs. “Push it off” vs “Middle-ground…” vs. Special Assessment vs. Loan 
        • Move forward on deck removal, cement, spa pad, common area furniture 
    • Common Area Furniture: Cheap and often vs. Expensive and long-term 
      • Prior high-quality furniture was auctioned and replaced with cheap furniture rather than refinishing 
      • Targeting a hopeful middle-ground, possibly enlisting local support 


  • 2022 Accomplishments: 
    • Temple Documents (SUCCESS!) 
    • Fire Fixes: Lots of units had non-working equipment 
    • Cleaning: Electrical and Telcom rooms 
      • Telecom Closets: 1st floor to 6th floor have been cleaned. Temporarily using the 6th floor closet for tenant storage.  
      • Electrical Rooms: South front/Spa room, South electrical/data room  
      • TBD: Telecom/Data Room in Basement Garage: Lots of large garbage
      • TBD: North guest Parking Electrical Room: Lots of construction material 
    • Fixes: 
      • Delgado sealed HVAC on the roof 
      • Air handling: basement exhausting to roof, venting from storage doors, all Air Handlers running 
    • Security Issues and Updates: Thefts and Upgrades
      • Metal angled pieces you can’t stand/balance on.  Installed on all 4 ledges to make that a more impossible feat
    • Window Washing – Complete, feedback?  
    • Roofing: Final repairs, all roofs setup on maintenance schedules 
    • Front Door Painting & Corner Bumps on first floor 
    • Fire Fixes: Finally got up to speed after years of being out of compliance and alarms and equipment being out of spec. 
    • Designer: (Complete)
    • NOTES: 
      • Late Payments: Just talk with us, otherwise without response it has to be legal, official, and expensive 
      • Rules and Fines: Noted within official docs, Website, Newsletter, Minutes, Emails… 
      • Current fine focus: Trash/Animals, Security (vehicle gate, don’t let people into the building you don’t know) 
      • Permits: If you are having work done, you have to abide by all required permits –  
        • If the management finds out a permit wasn’t achieved and was required, we’ll have to come back and require it or the work will have to be reversed at the owner’s expense… same as if the city inspects. 
      • Communications: Online communications flow 
    • Mills Act: Low priority – Leveraging Garry’s contact, working with City, website being updated with Temple, 1 multi-unit building is allowed into the program per year 
    • Garage/Storage water Leaks 
    • NPNA (North Pine Neighborhood Alliance): Tracking the 810 Pine adjacent building proposal. 


Open Forum 


  • We’re working on addressing the biggest issues first, everything else is prioritized in our backlog 
  • Feel free to ask about or challenge prioritization, doing the research yourself will help get it done faster 
  • Think about “What’s your goal?”, “Is this something that can be fixed?”, “Is this specific to my unit or the community”



  • (Mark) Forgo Spa – possibly do this in order
  • (Wade) Surfboard – OK for Wade to keep surfboard
  • (Keith)
    • Appreciates Delgado
    • Possible to forgo the spa project in an effort to kill the spa for the time being due to
    • Dramatic increase in cost of insurance – can we forgo and have the individuals take care of it?
  • (Alan) Never saw a possibility to do a portion, had to cover the full amount
  • (Mark) Air Handlers:
    • “booster fan for cooktops” -> Exhaust fan, “VFD doesn’t work right”, looking for it to be attenuated/lower, saving money with the boiler project, just seems too loud
    • NOTES:
      • VFD (variable freq. drive) kept tripping, our contractor notified us that the low rate was, higher than it was, not full speed
      • Bought the tools to Sound and Vibration to validate whether we’re within the limits
      • QUOTE 1: smaller pulley to keep the motor at the higher rate, so it doesn’t degrade the equipment
      • QUOTE 2: relocation of the equipment, higher cost



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Adjournment: 8:00pm

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