After much deliberation, research, and discussion, we have come to the difficult decision that due to Covid-19, per the CDC guidelines, and the advice of our legal counsel, we have decided to keep all common areas closed until further notice.

We know this is disappointing and frustrating for everyone, but we all must work together in these unprecedented times to make sure we stay safe and healthy.

We have included a letter from the attorney explaining the situation in detail.

We have weighed all of the possibilities, including: hiring appropriately licensed staff, having residents sign in and out, having residents sign a waiver, and enacting social distancing measures of all sorts within these spaces.

Regardless of these measures, and even if we follow CDC guidelines, our legal insurance does not cover viruses. This means that if a member of our community became ill after using one of these spaces, despite our best efforts, the entire association– including all owners– would be financially vulnerable to lawsuits without defense.

For these reasons we have determined it is in the best interest of all stakeholders to keep these areas closed for the time being.

We strongly recommend wearing facial coverings while outside your unit including, but not limited, to hallways, elevators, lobby, and garage.

Closures Include: Gym, Spa, Recreation Room, and BBQ area (for reservations).

How to Use a Gym:  We’ve worked with Gold’s Gym to give Temple Loft residents a discounted monthly rate of $19.95/month (vs $34.95/month) PLUS a $0 enrollment!  Details on the Gold’s Gym Flyer.

In the Meantime: We are looking into different things that can be done to add value to the community.  For example- finishing the spa repairs, possibly adding some Long Beach-themed murals in the common areas downstairs, etc.

Current HOA Dues: The current HOA dues will remain constant as they are being utilized to maintain the community and keep up with extra cleaning requirements of the areas we cannot close.

Plan for re-opening:  We will consistently reassess the situation (min. at each meeting) and will re-open if CDC guidelines or the situation changes positively.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  We will keep you updated as everything develops.

-Your HOA Board

Gold's Gym 1
Golds Gym 2

Already a member at Gold’s Gym?

All Gold’s memberships are based on a one year agreement which renews month to month thereafter. If you are still within the original one year agreement you can transfer to the corporate rate once they have ten new members participate. If you have fulfilled the original one year agreement and are going month to month, you can transfer to the corporate rate.

Proof of Residence:

Please bring a utility bill in your name to sign up under the Temple Loft corporate account.