Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes


Call to order: 07:10 am/pm

In Attendance: ⬛ (present) ⬜ (absent)

    • ⬛ (Off-Site Property Manager) – Jeff Hall
    • ⬜ (On-Site Property Manager) – Pete Figueroa
    • ⬜ (President) – Travis Alexander
    • ⬛ (Vice President) – Kirsten Severson
    • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Stanton Young
    • ⬛ (Secretary) – Daniel Yousef
    • ⬛ (Member) – Shae Miller
    • ⬛ (Other) – Angel Garcia

Residents Present: Shon White, Christopher Higgins, Lyndell Higgins, Garry, Wade Rompel, Wade Hammond, Eric Walsh, Jane Gibbons, Marian, Leigh, Will

Introduction: Year accomplishments: Organize and create board procedures that were not passed down by previous board, website creation, emergency text messaging implementation, spa repair, new off-site management company, and organization of finances.

Building Update: Covid-19 building closure update

Approval of Yearly Minutes: Kirsten Severson, Shae Miller

Open Forum:

  • (Comment): How is the board planning to communicate with the residents and visa versa? Re-keying the building?  Look into warranty for patio furniture.
    • (Board Response): We have set up the emergency text system, will update the website, and residents can e-mail Jeff with concerns or submit maintenance requests online.
  • (Comment): What are the restrictions for outside decorations from residents?
    • (Board Response): We are looking into what we can and cannot regulate.
  • (Comment): Concern about Covid-19 and wearing masks.
    • (Board Response): All common areas will be closed and masks are recommended.
  • (Comment): What is the on-site manager responsible for, what oversight is in place?
    • (Board Response): We are working to define all of those parameters.
  • (Comment): Issue with neighbor
    • (Board Response): Discussing in private after meeting.
  • (Comment):  Upgrades to the roof?  Upgrade cushions?
    • (Board Response): Due to air conditioning units, it is not safe to create a gathering place on the roof. Furniture purchased too recently to replace. Looking into warranty and related costs.
  • (Comment): Look into the Mills Act.
    • Board Response: On our to do list.

Ballot Count: Angel (Shae Miller- 11 Daniel Yousef- 16 Lyndell Higgins – 54)

New Board: Shae Miller (President), Daniel Yousef (Vice President), Kirsten Severson (Treasuer), Lyndell Higgins (Secretary), Travis Alexander (Member)

Adjournment: 08:15 am/pm