Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes


Call to order: 07:05 am/pm 

 In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛(Off Site Property Manager) – Jeff Hall 
  • ⬜(On-Site Property Manager) – Pete Figueroa 
  • (President) – Shae Miller 
  • ⬛(Vice President) – Daniel Yousef 
  • ⬛(Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson 
  • ⬛(Secretary) – Lyndell Higgins 
  • ⬜ (Member) – Travis Alexander 
  • (Other) – Name 

Residents Present: 522, Chris H, Wade, Natascha, Rachel, Jennie, Marian, 226  


Announcement: Our on-site manager Pete has resigned.  We support his decision as a board and will be moving forward with the protocols in place for this transition. 

 Open Forum: 

  • (Comment): How fast will on-site manager be replaced? 
    • (Board Response) ASAP 
  • (Comment): What are we looking for? 
    • (Board Response) Focus on a manager/property manager qualifications not solely focused on contracting. 
  • (Comment): Who is in charge of maintenance (clean up in and around the building)? 
    • (Board Response) On site and janitorial staff are in charge of this.  We also want to ensure that the new person coming in has job specifications clear so that residents do not take advantage. 
  • (Comment): What about hiring only as-needed. 
    • (Board Response) Due to our building size and needs we need to have someone manage any party that comes in and general maintenance around building.  
  • (Comment): What about just using off-site? 
    • (Board Response) A lot of moving pieces. Due to our building size and needs we need to have someone manage any party that comes in and general maintenance around building.  
  • (Comment): Will the residents know the job description? 
    • (Board Response) Residents will not be privy to personnel contract information, but specific job duties will be made available to residents and on-site manager for transparency. 
  • (Comment): I have the original on-site management job list 
    • (Board Response) Please send it! 
  • (Comment): Good to put everything in a centralized location 
    • (Board Response) The plan is to do that via the resident website. 
  • (Comment): Outside contracts will maintain contractually such as fire extinguishers, etc. 
    • (Board Response) Agree, but we need to have a long-term plan in place, plus oversight of these items.  
  • (Comment): Can residents fill in for on-site management 
    • (Board Response) Due to liability, background checks, and the safety of the building we need to contract someone to do this. 


  • Approval of minutes: Approved 
  • Budget 
    • All reserve accounts headed to Morgan Stanley 
    • Totals ($16,316.00 and $459,971.00 (reserves)) 
    • Add $10k/m 
    • Our YTD income is up 
    • Our insurance is up about $3k 
    • Workers comp is double 
    • Cleaning fee slightly higher 
    • Maintenance fees lower by $3k 
    • YTD still in black 
  • (Comment): Why is insurance up? 
    • (Board Response) We will ask. 
  • (Comment): Do we have fire and earthquake insurance? 
    • (Board Response) Fire yes, earthquake no.  We can set up a meeting to discuss earthquake insurance options. 
  • Past items 
    • Copper unit 518- only when work is done on plumbing 
    • Our Audit happened 
    • LEDs are going up 
    • Looking at the Mills Act 
    • Rekeying 
  • (Comment): What about opening amenities 
    • (Board Response) The situation with Covid has not changed for the HOA.  We are keeping on top of that and will open as soon as we can. 

Action Items: 

  • Jeff: 
    • Ask about insurance hike 
    • Follow up with Marian about sending on-site job list 
    • Set up a meeting to discuss earthquake insurance 

Adjournment: 07:40am/pm  

Prepared by: Name (Title) Lyndell Higgins (Secretary-former) 

Submitted by: Name (Title) Chris Higgins (Secretary- new)