Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes


Temple Lofts HOA 

General Board Minutes 




Call to order: 06:30 am/pm 


In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – TBD 
  • ⬜ (President) – <empty seat> 
  • ⬛ (Vice President) – Daniel Yousef 
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson 
  • ⬛ (Secretary) – Chris Higgins 
  • ⬜ (Member) – Travis Alexander 


Residents Present: 

Garry, Brittany Hammond, leslierompel (Wade)natascha, William’s iPhone (Will Barton), Gustavo Penilla, Joey Rosenthal, KevinLong, Ivon V, Angela Myers, Daniel Yousef, Mirena Rada, ahon., iPad, Kirsten, Herb Glazeroff, PeteRAdams (Rachel Adams) 



  1. Call to order and welcoming remarks 
    1. Updating the template here with Allstate’s info 
    2. Itay will give the Financial Report today, Treasurer moving forward, I’ll run the update portion, then Open forum 
    3. Everyone has 3min max when we get to Open Forum
  2. Financial Report 
  3. On-site Manager Report
  4. NOTE: Michael was let go last Friday after consultation with legal because of Covid-19.  We’ll start the process on looking for new candidates immediately 
    1. Studies Status: Boiler room and Tower Water Heaters 
      1. Hot water issue pushed that forward, high priority item currently 
    2. Status: Tower Water Heaters 
      1. Tony Pintado, 3 boards replaced, He’s going to replace the other 3 to pre-empt, and 2 extras 
    3. Hours and Communication (Normal vs. Emergency) 
      1. AllstateHOA9-5M-F, After-hours Emergency Vendor 
    4. Elevator Permit 
      1. Delay from the city due to Covid.  We’re perfectly fine for another year, but it’s on the maint schedule 
    5. Boiler and Water Heater Floor status 
      1. WICR.  Need “Exit Testing” of mold issue, then drywall up 
      2. Focus in the short-term is on the floor and walls to make sure we stop having leaks 
    6. Dryer Ducts 
      1. COMPLETED!  Added to maint schedule. 
    7. Fire Inspections 
      1. IN PROGRESS! 
      2. While Michael was out, we got the Extinguishers tested, Standpipe and Sprinklers tested, and scheduled the in-unit inspections with Pete as lead and Bob Peters Fire conducting the testing. 
      3. Overly direct note from me over the weekend in an attempt to be as clear as possible, then a follow-up with more information on Monday that Itay forwarded out to the community. 
      4. Hopefully everyone is on-board for that testing – although not optimal… 
    8. Contact Information 
      1. PUSHED BACK: Get current contact information from all residents and renters.  We’re fine as-is for now. 
    9. Rey-Keying 
      1. PUSHED BACK: Re-key office, rest of rekeying effort is delayed until new on-site management. 
    10. Maintenance Schedule + Execution 
      1. In-Progress – taken over by board.  Michael had started that but it needed some work.   
      2. Will appear on shared resident-portal calendar 
      3. Orkin installed rodent traps, following up with them on periodic maintenance 
    11. EXTRAS: 
      1. HOA Dues: How to access AllstateHOA Portal, payments, etc – they have a support team and get that 
      2. KEYS: 
        1. Mail Keys: locksmith comes in to change those out as they’re not our property 
        2. Common/Unit Keys: Just let us know what you need and we’ll have the locksmith copy them.  If you don’t have any, the locksmith charge will be much greater to create new keys. 
        3. Board is revisiting the building Demarcations – potentially changing them 
          1. Looking to allow a wider assortment of Door Locks and Door Bells (consistent style) 
      3. Water Shutoff: Successful work in 2 units.   
        1. Please let us know and we’ll put it in the queue as water shutoffs are infrequent. 
      4. South Tower Door: Metal piece was repaired, but that door seems to have some problems… Looking into it. 
      5. Roof: We have a 20yr warranty on the GE coating that was applied, some work is currently be done on it to correct a leak 
      6. Hot Water in Toilets: It’s actually a cartridge issue that mixes hot and cold water, could show up as either cold in hot or hot in cold, or condensation in toilet lines 
      7. Wasps on South Tower being handled 
  5. HOA Board Report 
    1. Safety Team: US Elections, Trespassing Signage, Homelessness, Holiday Season 
      1. Notes went out for US Elections and Holiday Season, Register with the city for Trespassing Signage, Homelessness plan of action is in play b/c of all the information submitted – 5-6 different methodologies. 
      2. Package Theft:  
        1. Now that Michael is absent, check through and grab packages! 
        2. Amazon installed the access portal: one-time trigger from central office. 
    2. Jeff Handover 
      1. HOA fees – wrong items were used, Mark pointed it out, and they were fixed 
    3. BallotBox status – Itay 
      1. Jeff did not provide BallotBox the necessary information, we then spoke with a lawyer to kickoff the process now for 2021.  Accept Kirsten’s resignation and appoint Kirsten as the 3rd candidate to bring 2 open seats. 
      2. Can we list ask, or a pre-meeting (town-hall) 
    4. Bank accounts status 
      1. Beginning of meeting, status provided 
    5. Earthquake insurance, and insurance hike 
      1. Insurance hike was due to claims taken against Temple – some water damage 
      2. Proposals are being worked, Itay is getting them 
    6. Updating documents progress 
      1. Getting a quote from Legal on their fees, cost of document updates, their services, etc. 
      2. Just received their costs for services and we’ll be addressing their potential yearly retainer and services 
    7. Policies and procedures documents 
      1. Website done! 
  6. Adjournment 


Open Forum: 

  • (Comment): 
    • (Board Response) 
  • Garry:  
    • Pre-Covid – usual maint, furniture, jacuzzi –> Furniture –> Torn/Frayed, Warranty on it? 
    • When it rains or heavy winds: old/brittle insulation covers their patio, rain drain –> straight shot from roof drain to their patio.  Periodic maintenance? 
    • Transparency: New project would happen, nobody had a say 
  • RAdams: Notes: Send out video?, Share on-site manager job description with community 
  • Herb: Likes where this is headed! 
  • Mark: Remediation 
  • Eric Walsh (324): Electricity/trickle-charger 
  • Will Barton:  
  • Ana: Great resource! 
  • RAdams/Will/Itay/Mark: Use Pete in the short-term, see how it works?  Per his suggested contract…
    LeslieRompelCouple items that were left behind with old on-site management’ 
  • Daniel/Mark: Pete did a good job to police trash, rules, theft, etc 
  • Tejo Pignolet Birk: Butterfly garden, Milkweeds potentially? 


Previous Action Items: 

Date  Person  Action 
  Statused Above 
  • Fire Inspections – Known and ongoing 
  • Elevator Permit – Known and ongoing 
  • Boiler Room Leak – WICR coming out to fix, Abatement moving forward, then drywall 
  • Rodents – Planned, Executing, Added to Maintenance Schedule 
  • Dryer Ducts – Validate quote prior to execution 
  • Re-Voting – Get an update 
  • AllstateHOA – Known and ongoing 
  • Document Policies/Procedure/Communication Flows 
  • Re-Key – TBD 
  • Maintenance Schedule – Michael is generating it 
  • Insurance Earthquake – Checking options/rates 

 Action Items: 

  • Itay: Every meeting should have an agenda 
  • Maint Schedule: Validate Elevator permit, Dryer Ducts, Orkin pest control 
  • South Tower Door 
  • Mills Act… get on that! 
  • Action Items in Red 

Adjournment: 7:53am/pm 

Prepared by: Name (Title) Chris Higgins (Secretary)