Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes

(Deep Dive Session)

(2 December 2020)

ATTACHED PPT (VISUALS) FROM MEETING: 20201202__GeneralBoardMinutes

Call to order: 06:30 am/pm 


In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – TBD 
  • ⬛ (President) –  Chris Higgins (Appointed)
  • ⬛ (Vice President) – Daniel Yousef 
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson 
  • ⬛ (Secretary) – Mark Friedman (Appointed)
  • ⬜ (Member) – Travis Alexander 


Residents Present: 

  • Marian #314, Itay, Natasha, Daniel, Kirsten, Marian #314, Natacha #412, Wade, Jeff Johnson (221), Mark, Mark Venger 



  • Board of Directors  
    • Voting: I received the “Sign-up” for running for the board 11/30/2020.  Let us know if you haven’t.  2 slots. 
      • Appointing someone who is interested for the next 3 months until the vote so he can help us out – Mark Friedman 
      • Before that, we’ll need to accept Kirsten’s resignation and appoint her back to Shae’s vacated spot so we’ll have the 3 board members stay and the other 2 slots open – Mark in 1 for the interim, and another open.  
    • Kirsten Resignation and Appointment 
    • Appointing Higgins to President 
    • Appointing Mark Friedman 
    • SPEAKERS: 
      • Marian: Asked to clarify  
  • Discuss Earthquake insurance 
    • SPEAKERS: 
      • Alan: Explaining the situation, gave his opinion that EQ insurance isn’t really helpful 
      • Mark: Understand it’s worthless 
  • Discuss On-Site manager 
    • Budgeting + EQ Insurance + Reserves: Attempting to take into account potential savings from a part-time if we can put that money towards other purposes. 
    • Full-timeReplacing Pete/Michael with a Pete Contract or another candidate. 
    • Part-time: A new system that would look a little different than Pete. 
    • SPEAKERS: 
      • Marian: Background provided
      • Mark: Contracting companies provide experimentation, prefer on-site 
      • Leslie (of Wade): Like contracting companies, Independent contractor or contracted?, take comments offline 
  • Updating CC&Rs 
    • $6k for all documents 
    • Old CC&Rs from the construction company, lots of items out-of-date 
    • Advised by: LBHS said we need to update, AllstateHOA agrees, legal agrees 
    • CC&Rs state the need for EQ and Flood insurance – which we do not have currently.   
    • Let us know if there is anything missing you think needs to be added/clarified. 
  • Updating Financial Studies – Financial Team! 
    • SPEAKERS: 
      • Mark/Marian/Alan – talking about dues increases, pluses and minuses 
      • Higgins – let’s do the studies and present that first, Mills Act 
      • Mark/Marian – there was a settlement from the builder for $800k-1M 
  • Random: 
    • Butterfly Garden: In progress 
    • Missing Elevator Key: Anybody have it?  May have to rekey if not… 
      • SPEAKERS: Marian/Mark/Alan – don’t have it… 
    • Security during move-in/move-out – Would love to hear ideas on how to better the process. 
      • We’re communicated with for move-in/move-outs, we turn off the alarm during that period so as not to bother residents, communicate that the door must be attended to, and elevator key returned.  Sometimes none of those things are followed… we resort to fining. 
      • SPEAKERS: Marian/Mark/Alan – fine/more deposit 
    • Elevator door maint – Otis monthly, we can call them and make sure it’s serviced when they come out 
    • Padding – It’s a little warn.  We’ll see who owns it and what nicer ones would cost – may be PTC’s property. 
      • SPEAKERS:  
        • Marian/Mark/Alan – fine/more deposit 
        • Higgins – What about making them more permanent? 
    • Boiler Room Leak/Mold/Drywall/Paint: Finished, cost over $6k, need some Proactive work for the future 
      • SPEAKERS: 
        • Mark: take out tank, do floor, walls, piping a little at a time.  We can’t have hot water out for too long. 
        • Mirian: Replaced boilers only after yrs 
    • X15 Stack How Water Issue: plumbers coming up with methods of testing for bad cartridges
    • Roof Leak: Under warranty 
    • Fire Notifier: Mapping the building so lookup/fixing is easy, less false alarms 
    • Orkin: Covers in-unit coverage if anybody needs him to stop by when he’s here monthly 
    • Fire Inspections: Finishing those up, checking the emergency lights in stairwells and garage
    • Cleaning: Sump-Pump and South Parking lot – bringing sewage cleaning company that will sanitize.  And setting up periodic cleaning of the sump-pump. 
    • Building Electricity: It’s paid to the building, getting outlets installed and locked-down 
    • Legal Representation: Retaining Roseman Law – $500 yearly service for free calls and lower fees, taking care of the updating of our documents 

Open Forum: 

  • (Comment): 
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Adjournment: 7:45pm 

Prepared by: Name (Title) Chris Higgins (Secretary -> President)