Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes

(9 February 2021)

Call to order: 06:30 am/pm 

In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – TBD 
  • ⬛ (President) –  Chris Higgins
  • ⬛ (Vice President) – Daniel Yousef 
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson 
  • ⬜ (Secretary) – TBD
  • ⬜ (Member) – TBD


Residents Present: 

  • Mark Friedman, Marian, Garry, Daniel Delgado, Herb, Itay, Alan Pemberton, Natacha, Rompel, Kevin Long, Mirena Rada, Rylie Young, Queen Sika, David S, Kirsten, Daniel Y. 


  • On-Site Manager Intro 
    • Mr. Daniel Delgado: UP AND RUNNING! 
      • Organizing mail, Talking to mail carriers (Fedex/USPS/Amazon) – less packages in mail room, Gardeners (overwatering, schedules, etc), Keys -> security, organizing rooms and consolidating, fire testing (elevators!), plumbing (hot water issue), office organizing -> super clean!, telecom guys, keys + programming, coordinated with trash collectorsworking with Otis on elevator and contracts, TCI for exhaust fan maint, etc… 
  • Board Updates: Mark Friedman stepped down, Removing Travis Alexander officially 
  • Reserve Study – Target finalized in February 
    • Includes: Dues IncreasesReservesInsurance (EQ, Flood) 
  • CC&R Updates 
    • In progress… 
  • Maintenance Contracts Updates 
    • In progress… 
  • Fire Inspections 
    • Trash Chutes: Itay 
    • Elevator Inspections: Itay 
    • Emergency Lights in Staircases – bad ballasts, receiving quotes 
  • Hot Water Trade Study 
    • Working on getting quotes at present – ripping out tank, waterproofing floors (leak #9), waterproof walls, repiping, new tanks 
  • Items: 
    • Keys 
      • YEEEES!!! Organizing the keys… this is exciting for Higgins.  OCD much? 
    • Mills Act 
      • Continue investigating… 
    • Water Issues (Cartridge issues) 
      • Plumber is coordinating with residents for X11/X13/X15 
    • Misc. 
      • MONEY: 
        • INTRO: Really appreciate the board engendering an environment that pulls out those professionals in the community to bring their ideas, suggestions, and skills to the table –  
        • Pete Bruno and the crack-squad of Temple Lofts professionals, saved us $5k/year in Frontier charges, just by renegotiating and restructuring the bill! 
        • Pete Bruno and crack-squad are working on another potential $20k/year in electrical overages 
        • Alan Pemberton is helping us save potentially $100Ks off our reserves which should directly impact our dues <which is why we’re holding off on dues> 
      • Ejector Pump: Delays in quotes and getting back to us, going for quotes… 
      • Fire Alarm Team: Need to update training and sign-up a “team” 
      • Power Strips: Have yet to try it out 
      • Cartridges: Potentially require replaceable on incur expense of replacement 
      • Water Leaks: On-site persona task 
      • Garden: Butterfly Garden on track with gardeners 
      • Electrical Bill: Pete Bruno helping out to figure out why our bill is so high, purchased an Clamp Ammeter 
      • Waterproofing a few windows up on floors 4-5 – Need to get lift to complete waterproofing – Aruba Construction to complete as soon as we can schedule. 
  • Open Forum 
    • (Herb) Waterproofing: north or south (Mark believes it’s North tower) – facing 9th.  New strips were installed on the South tower already.  Does it require a lift?  Balcony replacement on the South tower. 
      • Electricity installed per unit, potentially a commercial unit in the guest lot – possibly making some money. 
    • (Marian – 314) Asking about boiler, discussing ejector pump, asking about repairing window 
      • Fix trip on Marian’s window – re-seat the fascia on the trim. 
      • Flag isn’t full staff… down about 1 foot or so.  Ropes are tied so it’s about 8” lower than the ball.  Too much torque to pull it up higher – risk of breaking.  Daniel take a look. 
    • (Mark Friedman) Show Daniel Delgado leak into Mark’s storage area 
      • Call-box or something that’s leaking into his storage area 
      • Additional leak areas we’ll start to look into 
      • Insurance questionnaire out to community 
    • (Daniel Delgado) Lighting replacements – potential ballast issues 
      • Outdoor tube lights skip fixtures – builder did that originally.   
      • Hanging panels exist on the lights to block light entrance into residences 
      • Followed up with the Spa maintenance provider – should be set at 103, can change it if it’s too hot, it is heating now, they have been keeping it cleaned out (getting the emails) 
        • Leak in pump – bad seal
        • Should we run the heater if we’re not using it?  turned off 2 months ago, supposedly.
        • Have to run the pumps 6-8hrs a day. 
        • In an effort to save money – Follow-up on pumps and heater at a lower temperature for the time being? (3am-11pm) 
        • (Gary) Jets don’t work?  Per Daniel – Jets work now 
        • Still cycle the water to maintain PH and Chlorine, potentially tone it down 
        • (Marian) Take a look at sharp tiles.  Namely the top edge from sitting level as it turned downwards – white tiling around the outer edge. 
        • Get an electrician out to validate the spa prior to usage 
    • (Queen 115) 
      • Issue with light on patio.  Not fixed yet – building or provide  
      • How to fix front door – open it with a CC 
      • Put something under the door like a door sweep 
    • Garry 
      • Front door won’t close if the patio is not open.  Maybe a pressure issue or the arm isn’t strong enough.  Thanks Herb. 
      • Mills act status – ask Pete Bruno? 
      • Talk about opening the common areas – BBQ, Spa, etc 


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Adjournment: 7:23pm 

Prepared by: Name (Title) Chris Higgins (President)