Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes

(15 July 2021)

Call to order: 07:00 am/pm 

In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – TBD 
  • ⬛ (President) –  Chris Higgins
  • ⬜ (Vice President) – Daniel Yousef 
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson 
  • ⬜ (Secretary) – TBD
  • ⬜ (Member) – TBD


Residents Present: 

  • Itay Zigdon, Higgins, Kirsten, Delgado, Wade Rompel, Amber Power, Alan Pemberton, Mark Venger, Angela Myers 


Board and On-Site Manager Updates

  • Voting on Election Rules 
    • Itay went over the reception of the Election rules then Higgins and Kirsten second. 
  • Security Upgrades 
    • Front Door: (Completed) Gap, Security Post, Handle 
    • Bike Cages: (Completed 
    • Key Cores: (Completed) Updating Front Door, Gym, Community Room, Mail-Room  
    • Front Door Camera: (TBD) Temporary Blink Camera, Long-Term Permanent Camera
    • Keyfob: (Not doing – illegal per fire code as there’s no exit) to garage 
    • Images of thieves: (TBD) 
    • CURRENT STATUS: Attempted break-in failed, damage + fix to front door, no further attempts AFAIK 
  • HVAC System 
    • Intro, testing, and procedures within previous meeting minutes 
    • Completed testing, no current breaches of Sound (50dBA) or Vibration (0.001 g, 0‐30Hz, 0.003g 30‐130Hz) 
    • If there are any future complaints, measure with calibrated decibel meter and vibration sensor at trouble locations 
      • Current thoughts are if sound and vibration is within spec and unit is running properly, it will likely stay as-is. 
    • If the owner wants more done, we will gladly facilitate but we may have to request they cover the costs of the upgrade 
    • TBD: What is the actual need of that particular stack?  What is the minimum?  Architect/Building engineer? 
  • Boiler Upgrade 
    • Targeting 4 tanks (4x115gal=460gal) vs 500gal currently, Investigating 5 tanks (5x115gal=575gal) 
    • 2 installed, 500gal tank removed 
    • CURRENT STATUS: Running on 2 tanks current (and working well), final 2 tanks and 1 spare in week of 7/19/2021
  • CC&R Status Update  
    • Status meeting complete, 2 updates per feedback (Fire Pit, Combining Units) 
    • Discuss alternate to new CC&Rs? 
  • Fire Inspections 
    • Vendor (AIM) updates scheduled for 7/19 at 9am – probably not happening due to switching vendors 
  • Signage 
    • TBD: 3rd and 5th floor unmarked Residential Doors 
    • TBD: Exit door signage on garages to increase security by providing more guidance to residents 
  • Water Crossover Issues on X15 Stack 
    • Attempting to gather evidence to force upgrade – difficult to determine source after 3-4 plumber reviews 
    • Roof: Working on additional sealant, A/C sealant 
    • Mills Act: Leveraging Garry’s contact, working with City, website being updated with Temple, 1 multi-unit building is allowed into the program per year 
    • Late Payments: Just talk with us, otherwise without response it has to be legal, official, and expensive 
    • Reserve Study Progress: Finalizing dues increase schedule with Finance Team after midyear results  
    • Spa: Checking on city permit  
    • Garage/Storage water Leaks 
    • NPNA (North Pine Neighborhood Alliance): Tracking the 810 Pine adjacent building proposal 

Open Forum


  • We’re working on addressing the biggest issues first, everything else is prioritized in our backlog
    • Feel free to ask about or challenge prioritization,
    • ex: as Ivon did with the egregious leaking on his car, b/c we didn’t understand how much it was leaking
  • Remember that YOU can run with any idea and present additional information which could help accelerate that item –
    • ex: Zara researched what plants were needed for a Butterfly Garden
    • ex: Shae sent me the link to the appropriate camera doorbell (Ring branded unit)
  • Think about “What’s your goal?”, “Is this something that can be fixed?”, “Is this specific to my unit or the community”


  • Air Handlers: 
    • Mark: Clarifying through T16 and the Garage Fan unit. 
  • CCNRs: 
    • Fire Pits: Validated that propane pits only 
    • Combining Units: Remodeling namely when a permit is required has to go through arch board.  No structural changes without permit and arch group as well. 
  • Unapproved Upgrades: 
    • Wade Rompel: Get information about possible jackhammer usage? 


Previous Action Items: 

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 Action Items: 

Adjournment: 8:00pm 

Prepared by: Name (Title) Chris Higgins (President)