Temple Lofts HOA

General Board Minutes

(8 June 2021)

Call to order: 07:00 am/pm 

In Attendance: ⬛(present) ⬜ (absent) 

  • ⬛ (Off Site Property Manager) – Itay Zigdon 
  • ⬛ (On-Site Property Manager) – TBD 
  • ⬛ (President) –  Chris Higgins
  • ⬛ (Vice President) – Daniel Yousef 
  • ⬛ (Treasurer) – Kirsten Severson 
  • ⬜ (Secretary) – TBD
  • ⬜ (Member) – TBD


Residents Present: 

  • Itay Zigdon, Higgins, Natascha, Gustavo Penilla, Gavin Power (417), Alan Pemberton, Daniel Delgado, Chris Pluck, Kevin Long, Victoria Corrales, Merena Rada, Mark Venger, Maria Larsen, Queen, Kim/Shae, Marian Carmichael 


Board and On-Site Manager Updates

  • Security Upgrades and Unwanted Guests on Premises 
    • Mail tampering, Theft by 3 individuals –> Residents should complain to Amazon, and get a free re-order 
    • Camera, Front door metal guards, getting cores 
    • USPS locks have been fully upgraded 
  • Ejector Pump – Fully fixed, working, maintenance contract in place 
  • Storm Drain Pumps – 1 pump left to service (North Drain), working, maintenance contract in place 
  • Booster Pumps – 1-3 are good, maintenance contract in place – complete 
  • HVAC System:  
    • As mentioned previously, we’ve been re-igniting some of our downed units that are absolutely critical for a multitude of building functions – Building/stack circulation, Pressure issues (doors don’t open, common rooms smell, no fresh air, mold grows, Garages possibly lethal CO), Health issues (Asthma, COPD, etc issues are exacerbated) 
    • Balancing noise complaints with building requirements 
      • We have clarifications from Legal (legal limits and when to take action), contractors (proper operation), and residents 
      • Finalizing testing with units to see suspected problem units, vibration sensor en-route to validate,  
      • Looking into alternative solutions – potential fixes with mounts, new units, relocation, etc 
    • Procedure: 
      • Finish currently known repairs 
      • If there are any complaints, measure with calibrated decibel meter and vibration sensor at trouble locations 
      • Current thoughts are if sound and vibration is within spec and unit is running properly, it will likely stay as-is. 
        • If the owner wants more done, we will gladly facilitate but we may have to request they cover the costs of the upgrade 
  • Boiler Upgrade (leak #13): 
    • Tank #2 removed, new ‘temporary’ piping currently in due to significant leaks from old piping, floor waterproofing in progress, tanks chosen to fit within current stairwells (however path may be easier for full job through 6th floor wall) 
  • Roof (Warranty and Repair Work): 
    • Secured our 20yr warranty, finishing ‘warranty’ repairs, paying for some additional sealant, A/C sealant 
  • 24hr procedures written and provided to MaxiServe 
  • Reserve Study Progress 
    • With 2.3% dues increase (down from 2.9%) 30yrs to 100%. 
    • ATTEMPT: 5yrs to 80%, recommended by accounting team, understand dues increase correlation 
    • 5% Special Assessment for 2021 (~$315 based on sqft, one-time payment) 
      • Turn into Dues increase for 2022 approximately ~7.5% (2.5% for 2020, 2021, 2022) 
  • CC&R Status Update – session with legal to review any comments residents may have 
  • Fire Inspections – Status (AIMS cleared to finish repairs, final step!) 
  • Signage: Finished all unmarked doors 
  • Water Crossover Issues on X15 Stack: Force upgrade in progress 
    • Spa: Checking on city permit 
    • Garage/Storage water Leaks 
    • Storage units by Ejector Pump: Ejector pump and circulation complete, evaluating 
  • Collection Policy Update – Updated collection policy, please make sure you’re up-to-date on payments, need to vote on it 
    • Board approved the collection policy – motion by Higgins, second by Kirsten 

Open Forum


  • We’re working on addressing the biggest issues first, everything else is prioritized in our backlog
    • Feel free to ask about or challenge prioritization,
    • ex: as Ivon did with the egregious leaking on his car, b/c we didn’t understand how much it was leaking
  • Remember that YOU can run with any idea and present additional information which could help accelerate that item –
    • ex: Zara researched what plants were needed for a Butterfly Garden
    • ex: Shae sent me the link to the appropriate camera doorbell (Ring branded unit)
  • Think about “What’s your goal?”, “Is this something that can be fixed?”, “Is this specific to my unit or the community”


  • TOPIC: Security Issues (stealing packages and attempting entrance into vehicles): 
    • Gavin Power (moving in shortly): 
      • LBPD mentioned an increase in crime, possibly due to Covid. 
      • Additional measures: 
        • Suggested parking lot attendant or door guard 
        • Contracted offsite monitoring solution – real-time feed? 
    • Chris Pluck: 
      • What about closing the gap?  Any reason we can upgrade the door itself in that way? 
        • Check with City 
      • Fortunate that nobody has been confronted 
      • Keeping them out in the first place is #1 priority 
    • Mark Venger: 
      • External monitoring companies – how to determine adverse behavior with individuals? 
        • Gavin response: delicate to determine, what about situations where it’s more serious – breaking into vehicles, or damaging property – that would be a monitorable situation. 
      • Access control system – What about a “buzz-in, buzz-out” system?  You can’t run around the building completely. 
    • Maria Larsen: 
      • Worked in security industry, certain camera analytics – loitering, possibly use speakers.  Difficult in residential vs. a more typical security setting. 
  • TOPIC: Landscaping: 
    • Marian: 
      • White fly issue, planter outside of 219 – ask landscaping company 
      • Offers to put information together on this issue.  Potentially treat the soil to treat/fight it internally. 
  • TOPIC: Boiler leaks: 
    • Mark: 
      • Condensation drip was the #13 
      • Looking at the wall to help with the install 
      • Delgado to deal with the trip from the condensate line using our plumber Tony 
  • TOPIC: Air Handlers 
    • Mark: 
      • Potentially unit turned back on? 
        • A unit above Mark’s was turned back on, just got a new flywheel, Delgado will deal with the speed 
      • City Requirement: 50dBA, 0.001g 0-30Hz, 0.003g 30-130Hz 
      • Building Requirement: What is the actual need of that particular stack?  What is the minimum? 
        • Architect?  Building engineer? 
    • Maria: looking into it as well 
    • Pluck: Met with Daniel, isolated issue units 
  • TOPIC: Extension of the Regency Palms (next few years) 
    • Pluck: Potentially affect the whole building, additional car parking, etc.  Sent us an overview of the project.  Possibly the parking lot or building. 
      • Potentially add to the agenda and further discussion 
      • Possibly make a defense about it, possibly talk with the architect/developer/regency palms group/city/etc. 
      • Regarding light/sound/heat/etc 
      • Rescheduled the hearing, new date coming up on that project – presentation and a number of groups 


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Adjournment: 8:00pm 

Prepared by: Name (Title) Chris Higgins (President)